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Dance Company

What is a Company dancer?

A company dancer is pursuing a career in the arts professionally as a performer or educator.

Dancers must audition or have an invitation from the Artistic Director to attend company classes based on strength, technique and artistry. They must sign contracts each season. They are required to spend more time training in class and in performance rehearsals. They follow not only the standard rules, but a guideline of behavior. They are required to be in class year round, have longer class hours, and provide community service.

Company Classes

Company Prep : Ballet & Modern – INTERMEDIATE

Junior Company : Ballet & Modern – ADVANCED / INTERMEDIATE

Senior Company : Ballet & Modern – ADVANCED

Midwest Regional Ballet (MRB) Dance Company offers pre-professional level training for students wishing to pursue a career in the arts or ongoing dance education and performance opportunities. It emphasizes classical ballet technique, with character, jazz, and modern dance being an integral part of the training program. Students are also exposed to other forms of dance to enrich and enhance their dance experience.

Students must audition for company placement. This process consists of students participating in a full dance class at the company level. The class is comprised of exercises and movements at barre, in center, and across the floor and is used to evaluate students current skill level to determine for the most beneficial class placement for individual growth. To schedule an audition for Company or Preparatory placement call 417.439.9549 or email us at

Students accepted into the Dance Company are required to attend all classes under their assigned level, and are expected to participate in all performance events open to their assigned level.

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Senior Company

Senior Company Dancers train in Ballet, Jazz, Hip hop, Modern, Contemporary, and Aerial in class and on the stage. 

They are usually given starring or supporting roles in MRB productions, like solos, duets, etc. They also choreograph smaller pieces for performances, and are expected to posses and demonstrate general competency of the performing arts and the production process. Ages vary from Junior High to Adult. 

Entrance into Senior Company is by audition only.  

Image: Alice In Steampunk Wonderland, 2013


Junior Company

Junior Company dancers are trained in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Hip hop, and Aerial. Junior Company members are usually given cameo or supporting roles in MRB productions. Ages Vary from nine to Adult.

 Entrance into Junior Company is by Audition only.


Pre-Company Preparatory

Pre-Company Prep is a class for talented young dancers that have the potential to become company members, but are not old enough or quite ready technically. They usually perform with the company members, but sometimes perform with the ballet school depending on the level of performance difficulty. 

Entrance into Pre-Company Preparatory Class is by Audition only.


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