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is a pre-professional performing arts company and dance education center for children, teenagers, and adults, and is located in Joplin, MO.


OUR MISSION is to build confidence and character while developing responsible community members, leaders and artists. We strive to maintain a foundation of strength in firm leadership and integrity in action, to focus on family, responsibility, commitment, discipline, community awareness, and the best in artistry.

Meet Kaye

Kaye Lewis, Artistic Director

Originally from the Four State area, she has been teaching dance for 27 years. Her training includes: primary education under Judith Pendergraft in Carthage, MO, Gus Giordano’s Dance Center in Chicago, IL, and The Dallas Metropolitan Ballet in Dallas, TX. Kaye is well-known locally for her contributions to Art in the community, and for her accomplishments as a master choreographer. Kaye has won many awards for her works and as a result has traveled across the United States networking with prominent professionals and creative minds alike. Her students have successfully pursued careers as actors and dancers for places such as Denver Ballet, St Louis Ballet, Joffery Ballet, Ballet International, Hartford Ballet, Friends University, Broadway, Disney, and local public schools, as well as various modeling, music video and commercial contracts. Kaye enjoys creating both original works and classical pieces for her company dancers to perform. She also integrates other talent internally while partnering with outside talent such as the American Opera Studio of Kansas City, MO, the Southeast Kansas Symphony Orchestra, the Harlem Globetrotters, local community theatres, and Amplify. Kaye is both thrilled and humbled by the response the MRB has received from the community and gives all credit to God and to her talented company members. 

Our Story

The Dance Company portion of the MRB School was formed in 1999 as a means for young dancers in the Four State area to achieve a professional career in performing arts by providing them the necessary technical foundation, skills, and performance experience required to be successful in the arts.  There is no other dance school in the Four State area that affords students the opportunity to perform in full length productions through a performance season, thus developing a proficient performance repertoire and résumé.

The MRB Dance Company exists to equip students for a successful career in any aspect of the arts, through knowledge, confidence, and discipline.

Community Impact

The MRB believes in giving back to the community through its performances by making donations dedicated to charitable organizations and not-for-profits such as: Children’s Miracle Network, Hope 4 You Breast Cancer, Freeman’s Cancer Center, Susan G Komen, Via Christi, and the Arthritis Foundation. The MRB has also devoted much of its time and facilities to support the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce in fundraising for Art In Public Places arts awareness initiative.