Midwest Regional Ballet

Promoting the Arts in the Four States since 1985


MRB offers the best in full length productions two times per year. One includes all dancers of the MRB company and school and one includes company dancers only. These performances are scheduled one year in advance and may travel to 1 or more venues. Non-company dancers are not required to participate in MRB productions.

All performers are contracted for the duration of either the production or the performance season. Dancers should notify the Artistic Director as soon as possible in the event that they are unable to participate in the current season's production. Company dancers are expected to participate in all MRB performances, including advertisement campaigns and community events. More than 3 unapproved absences may result in dismissal from performance opportunities, including productions and competition.

Most costuming is provided by the MRB costume department. On a designated day prior to performance costumes are checked out by student with a deposit check. Students are expected to  furnish all undergarments and shoes. Students are not charged a performance fee.